Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Own Private Idaho

With all the Eurovision euphoria these days I almost forgot about our parliamentary circus. After much ado about nothing and pressure from everyone from the EU to the Eurosong winner, the MPs finally voted in our new government, a “democratic one”, none the less.
But let’s not get over-excited. This coalition, though it was inevitable, is based on deep mistrust and completely irreconcilable program differences. The idea of mutual control is not bad, but I’m afraid all we’ve got is a government which is ineffective and cannot agree on any important issue.
Then there are issues which are “not important”…
Today is the International Day Against HOmophobia. Human rights, in any form, are not a priority of this government. Today also happens to be my birthday. You could say, it was meant to be. Happy Birthday to Me! Happy IDAHO, all.


Sina said...

Hi Marko, I wish you a happy birthday! (I know I am late). You have chosen the right day (International Day Against HOmophobia)!!!!
I am Austrian and live in Vienna. I always enjoy reading your posts because they give a good insight in what is going on in Serbia. Although Serbia is very close to Austria we hear very little here in the media about the country (unless it is sensational news).
Keep up your good work, molim te.

Marko said...

Thank you very much Sina!
It’s great to find out who the people who read this blog are, where they come from, and what it means to them. I’m glad you find it a useful source of information
I’ve been to Vienna several times and always had a great time. Not much info on Austria here either, but usually lack of news is not a bad thing.