Sunday, May 06, 2007

Celebrity, Who?

It was a starry night at the Big Brother red carpet. The small crowd went: I know him, I think. You know, you remember him. Isn’t she… No. Wait, I’m sure I know this one… Uhm, maybe not. At least I have heard of most of these people, but I somehow thought being a celebrity meant more than having your picture published in Gloria once. Than again if you’re well known and have an actual successful career, why would you put it on hold so the rest of the world could watch you cut your toenails in prime time. The only really famous person is the huge scary folk singer, but for her it’s a sensible business decision. Why pay the tabloids to publish your “candid” nude pictures, when you can parade naked in the aforementioned prime time. Definitely not worth watching. Unless the model guy decides to work out with his top off.

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Shaina said...

I guess the scary folk singer is the token celebrity amongst the C and D list has beens?
It is actually probably a good career move for them; it seemed that the Big Brother francise was popular in Serbia last year; and there are probably going to be a good audience for this version too; this way they are able to get free publicity; and a guarenteed cover on Svet doing the show's run.

I wonder what a "Suvivor" featuring the top Turbofolk stars would be like? ;-)