Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Admit Defeat...

…since nobody else will. It seams everybody has won this election. Everybody is celebrating something. Most seats in parliament, best result ever, not the worst result ever, entering parliament, strong negotiation position, most successful campaign, prettiest smile. Some partied all night at the news of victory for the radicals while others rejoice at the triumph of the democratic block.

Well I’m not celebrating. I’m not happy with the results. They are no far from what I expected, but I was, sort of, hoping for a miracle.

I’m shocked that the socialists still manage to get voted into parliament. Haven’t their supporters learned anything, or gone over to the radicals, or, at least died of old age, cold and starvation? I’m sad that people are dumb enough to buy into radical rhetoric. I know many are poor but you don’t buy an IQ! “The democratic block” is a myth. I’m disappointed that the democrats and liberals didn’t get more votes and I absolutely still don’t understand why on Earth anyone would vote for dss and their coalition partners. Just vote for ds or admit you’re a radical and shut up!

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Rest is Silence

Finally, after months of unscrupulous promises of instant prosperity, the commercial breaks today are once again dominated by laundry detergents and banks. A pre-electoral calm before the storm is upon Serbia.

Today is the day of epiphany. The story goes that at midnight the sky opens up and you make a wish. Now, I’m not religious or even a believer, but I find this particular superstition rather cute, like blowing out candles on your birthday cake. And since it’s a day for making wishes, I thought I might wish something to my compatriots:

I wish us a dss free government. I wish that the radicals, dss, sps and the like do not get a total of 50% of the votes. I then wish the remaining parties - the democrats and liberals and the minorities form a government which would have a civilized and contemporary set of values and in which ds could abandon its passive policies of cohabitation and do some real and badly needed work on changing the essence of this country. I wish…

So have a great Sunday and beyond. It depends on us.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


By the middle of the first work week of 2007, the new year has been quite obviously setting the tone of things to come. The gorgeous spring-like weather echoes the promises of the hottest year in recorded history

At work it’s hectic and busy which is a welcome change from last year which was slow, uneventful and relatively unsuccessful (although it gave me time to start my blog). One of my colleagues, that I was quite close with, has left the company which is sad. After three years of seeing someone every day, it’s a bit unsettling when things change. On the other hand, in the year when I hope to leave everyone I know behind and move to another continent, I shouldn’t get too worked up about these things.

With this in mind, I’m up to my neck in bureaucracy and to do lists. Hopefully by the middle of March I will know where I stand. If by the middle of March I stand in the right place, hopefully by late August, Ivan and I will be in New York again.

And I can hardly wait. In Serbia, another “milestone” election is around the corner. So much to be lost. Not as much to be gained. Once again “this” year could be decisive. Once again I’m afraid it won’t be.

For me at least, this will be a big year. Huge.
All the best, everyone.