Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Admit Defeat...

…since nobody else will. It seams everybody has won this election. Everybody is celebrating something. Most seats in parliament, best result ever, not the worst result ever, entering parliament, strong negotiation position, most successful campaign, prettiest smile. Some partied all night at the news of victory for the radicals while others rejoice at the triumph of the democratic block.

Well I’m not celebrating. I’m not happy with the results. They are no far from what I expected, but I was, sort of, hoping for a miracle.

I’m shocked that the socialists still manage to get voted into parliament. Haven’t their supporters learned anything, or gone over to the radicals, or, at least died of old age, cold and starvation? I’m sad that people are dumb enough to buy into radical rhetoric. I know many are poor but you don’t buy an IQ! “The democratic block” is a myth. I’m disappointed that the democrats and liberals didn’t get more votes and I absolutely still don’t understand why on Earth anyone would vote for dss and their coalition partners. Just vote for ds or admit you’re a radical and shut up!


Bg anon said...

I'm disapointed too but as ever, hopeful.

I'm saddened that people here havent learnt to try to find out at least some of the policies of the party they vote for.

Things have progressed since the days of family tradition. (Yep 'grandaddy was a cetnik, so I'm with Vuk', or 'I followed Tito and I'm too dumb to understand that Milosevic and SPS have nothing to do with Titoism')

I'm disapointed however that personalities still much more important in Serbia than policies. Not one party didnt base their entire campaign around their leader. 'The fair minded lawyer type' 'The youthful pro Western hero' 'The really nice guy who is also nice looking', 'The cynical traditionally minded host'.

I mean talk about vomitus. Still I did by best and picked the least worst candidate - the party that spoke most about what their policies would be in power.

Now we wait to see what a DSS, DS, G17 government will look like and how long we will wait...

Shaina said...

bg anon,

Your description of the Serbian election campaign and the tendency for the candidates personalities to dominate over the actual issues being debated is pretty much a universal theme; or at least also an American theme. (And never mind the fact that there are also some Americans who see the US as being "the universe" and what is true for Americans must be true for everyone else-but I digress).
Anyways, in US politics it seems as if there is a strong desire on the part of politicians, no matter how intelligent, worldly or wealthy they are to try to portray themselves as an "average joe" "everyman." And nevermind the implied insult that somehow being an "average American" somehow implies the inability to speak the English language properly or to be unintelligent.
It is why Clinton downplayed his Rhodes scholarship, but we had to hear ad nauseum about the fact that he was simply the "man from Hope (AK)" It is why Bush tried to portray himself as an "average joe" from Texas despite the fact that his father was President; and that (thanks to family connections) attended Ivy League school. It is why we had John Kerry attempt to go duck hunting in order to counter the image of him as an elitist.
There seems to be two different variations of the personalities.
The outsider and renegade who is going to "fix what is broken" and bring "real changes" to Washington.
Or, the steady old pro; who is solid, and has "proven results for getting the job done."

At least the personality typecasts in your election seemed a bit more varied.