Monday, May 14, 2007

King of Chandeliers

Belgrade Design Week 2007 ended on Saturday. Similar to last year it was a series of lectures on all things design – from architecture to digital effects. It was interesting, educational and inspirational.
As a big fan of architecture, it was a real treat to listen to Rem Koolhaas, Ora Ito was a lot of fun, Mirko Ilic gave a very good lecture, although he is, in my view, very unlikable. I was particularly happy to listen to one of my favorite design collectives – Droog Design, as I’ve been a fan for quite a while.

But probably more than anything, I’m glad BDW made it possible to visit one of my favorite buildings in Belgrade, otherwise closed to the public – the Federation Palace.
With its enormous size, over the top simplicity and amazing artwork it is an actual palace build in the social-realism style of the fifties and sixties.

The most impressive is the great hall with its colossal sun-shaped chandelier which looks like an early influence for the dome of the Sony Center at Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz.
Wouldn’t mind having one in my room.
Wouldn’t mind having a big enough room, for that matter.
Would mind having their electricity bill, though.


Shaina said...

That Chandelier is quite impressive! I certainly wouldn't want their electric bill either. Although,I'd imagine it is quite a sight with all of the lights turned off except for the chandelier.

Marko said...

It does look spectacular. I hope they open the place up for the public