Friday, April 20, 2007

Protecting the Chocolate Banana

Worthy causes are rare in Serbia while stupid marketing strategies abound. The most recent combination of the two is a bid to come up with a new name for arguably the most famous dessert in the country - the Cream banana, known to everyone as chocolate banana (cokoladna banana) or simply bananica (small banana). The actual banana content of this beloved product or its strange unbananalike shape may be disputed, but no one can deny the strength of the bananica brand. So the whole idea is in my view simpy, well… bananas!
It could be a ploy to officially recognize the product’s unofficial name, or just a stunt to get people to react. In any case it’s working, as everyone is talking about it, thinking up names and from what I hear there is even a petition to save the poor little chocolate banana, which I wholeheartedly support.
However, I too have been tempted to combine all the cho-s, nana-s and ba-s in my head in search for the ultimate combination. And, though I hear I’m not the only one to come up with this solution, I feel that in view of Serbia’s passionate love affair with tradition and obsession with all things ethno, the winner has to be: Chobanica – or little shepherd girl.
And here’s my suggestion for a possible campaign – so take a look at what the future might bring - all rights, naturally, reserved :)

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