Thursday, June 14, 2007

Will & Grace

Will and Grace are over. A year late, the last episode was finally aired in Serbia this week.
I loved this show. I remember watching the first episode years ago on Studio B, thinking: wait, did I get this right? I remember so many subsequent episodes that I watched while on the phone with my own red-haired best friend. It somehow marked a very important time for me and become a significant part of my life. It was fun to identify and reluctantly laugh at our sitcom characteristics - from her talent to find crazy men to my obsession with gift-wrapping.
Towards the end I do feel the show lost some of its appeal. There was a period when it wasn’t all that funny any more, and the small quirks that made the characters real and likeably neurotic turned into rather annoying caricatures.
I got quite upset after the last episode. I found it depressing. It’s as if they decided to kill off the characters by robbing them of some 20 years of their lives. Bit too harsh and concrete for my taste. It would have been far better to give some hints and leave endings open so everyone could have their own ideas, and hope.
I don’t think it’s good to know how things end in the long run.
My own Will and Grace friendship has been suffering from lack of time and incompatible schedules, but I’m hoping it won’t take a few decades and a couple of kids to get back on track.

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Shaina said...

I used to watch the show quite religiously the first few seasons; but it just stopped being as funny (IMO); so I stopped watching; I did watch the finale when it orignally aired; and wasn't that impressed.
That being said, there is no denying that W&G was (or at least started out) as an excellent comedy.

BTW: The actor who plays Jack attended high school Glen Ellyn, IL, right next to where I grew up.
Not that it means anything, just rather interesting IMO.