Thursday, June 07, 2007


This is what I call good PR. The government of Kosovo has announced a competition for new state symbols. The underlying context is: breaking away from the past, a new country - new symbols. I’m sorry Serbia missed such an opportunity recently and opted for its dated crowned emblems.
Whatever the future of Kosovo may be, and I’m not too optimistic about its democratic and multiethnic capacity, I found this task quite inspirational.
Where to start?
The territory’s past and present are dominated by two nations – the Albanians and the Serbs, so their existing symbols are a logical starting point for new ones.
What do they have in common?
In terms of color, the mutual element is red, but I’ve deliberately left it out as it is too aggressive. The Albanian flag though very iconic and powerful is a bit too scary for my taste. And then we have the two-headed eagle. Both nations have one, although they are complete opposites – one is white, the other is black. Now the two-headed eagle itself is a strange animal. It looks quite hostile but also a bit schizophrenic and seems in conflict with itself.

I started with an image of a dignified and peaceful eagle and decided to use the traditional two heads – one black and one white, but this time they are both facing in the same direction – symbolically looking into the future. Then I added another color – blue, which represents peace. It is also the color of international cooperation, of Europe, and in that sense the future of the region.
Combining these elements in form of a slightly twisted tricolor flag creates a simple yet recognizable design – based on traditional and historic elements, but yet distinct enough to be acceptable for all.
And I stress, these are just symbols. Whether what they stand for can really become reality is a completely different matter. What do you think?


Sandra said...

I like the top one better - with the small Eagles' heads.

I also like your "story"; blue for peace, Europe and International cooperation and the heads looking in the same direction.

I too am sorry Serbia missed the opportunity to symbolically move on rather than anchoring itself to the past....I guess it was more reassuring.

Shaina said...

Interesting concept; from a purely visual standpoint; not even going in to all of the symbolism or historical signifcance; I like the colors you chose.

Maybe you should TM it? ;-)
If it is ever used; you could get some money off of it.

Marko said...

I thought of entering it in the competition, but it's only for the people of Kosovo.
It would be fun if it ended up in use somehow.
I'd ask for a ridiculous amount of money, naturally.

Shaina said...

As to the one I like better; I like the one at the bottom; I'm not sure if it was intended this way-but it looks sort of avant-garde.

BTW; does anyone know the symbolism of Bosnia's triangle type shape on their flag? I always assumed it was some sort of symbolism of Bosnia's 3 major communities (although it certainly can be said-not only communities) coming together.

Marko said...

I think the triangle is Bosnia - the country has a similar shape

Anonymous said...

I am fairly sure the Estonians, proud as they are, won't be so happy with this proposal.. Considering their flag...