Friday, November 23, 2007

Giving Thanks

Since yesterday was my very first Thanksgiving in the States, I feel it would be proper for me to give some thanks. First of all, the biggest ever thank you to Ivan, for surviving me during the last months of mood-swings, attacks of defeatism and nostalgia. Thanks to all friends old and new for their support during the same difficult period. Thank you to my school for keeping me too busy to be crazy all the time. Thanks to all the pilgrims and slaughtered Native Americans, and decimated turkey populations for making this holiday what it is, and enabling me to have two days off from work and school. Finally thanks to those of you who still keep reading this.

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bganon said...

Hello! How is the apple? I've been so god damn busy in the last few months I'm only now checking in on the blog list.

Happy for you that you have gone - although think that the Big Apple can be a very lonely (but exciting) place. I felt it myself.

OK maybe it wont ever make you long for Belgrade but it might confuse you enough to realise that you dont belong anywhere. :)

Stay happy.