Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Polluted Stream of Consciousness

What is the purpose of trolleybuses? They're slow. In the rush hour it takes me less time to walk home. And they don't work in the snow. Or rain. Or slightly increased humidity, probably.

I'm all for environmentally friendly electrically powered public transport. I love trams. But then, they work, regardless of the weather. Fortunately, the whether has mostly been kind this year, but yesterday I had to walk home in the rain, as the streets were once again blocked by dead trolleybuses.

On the other hand, perhaps it's unprecedented example of forward planning. Maybe they are the vehicles of the future. Of the globally warmer future when in the deserts of central Serbia precipitation will be a centennial event.

Then again, I'm starting to think, global warming might not even exist. Maybe news are really only used to scare everyone into submission. I mean, how important can the crisis in Iran really be if CNN can afford to talk about the death of a Playboy playmate for three days. Poor woman, but still…

Not actually posted on Wednesday due to technical difficulties.


Shaina said...

I've always assumed the purpose of trolley buses were more for the entertainment of tourists (a unique way to travel and sight see) rather than having much environmental or public transportation purpose.
Although that probably differs city by city.

Viktor said...

That's how i tried to promote trolleys on Belgrade2.0, as Shaina said - tourist attraction if nothing else.
Still, i like driving in them - the humm they make when they start, the very concept that resembles those little cars in "luna-parks"... that's some cool stuff right there.

Viktor said...

BTW, I hope you cleared the Tofu exam.

Marko said...

Thanx Victor.
I did great on my Tofu