Thursday, August 10, 2006

... there are some ugly buildings

Another thing I thought about this morning is that the new (not really new, but recently completed) National Bank building on Slavija is one of the ugliest buildings I’ve ever seen. It looks as if it didn’t even have an architect but that someone just pieced together every geometric shape imaginable.
So I thought I’d try something. And I’d like some involvement. I don’t know if I can pull this off, as only a few people actually comment on this blog, but here goes:
What, in your opinion, is the ugliest building in Belgrade? And Why?
I know that among the people who come here regularly there are some Belgraders, temporary, permanent or former, so I’m sure you won’t be short of opinions.
As for the criteria: Let’s not talk about houses or residential buildings, unless they’re unavoidably terrible. They get torn down and replaced. Also I’m not thinking of buildings which are in poor condition, gray, dirty and crooked. That can be fixed.
I’m thinking big. I’m thinking landmarks, buildings which have left their permanent mark on this city, one that will haunt us for a long time. So think government buildings, hotels, hospitals, museums, theaters, sport arenas, churches…
Also, to balance it out, if you want, say which ones you like, but try and avoid the usual favorites, like the Parliament or something


Brooke said...

Well, I thought about it yesterday, and I think the ugliest buildings would have to be the bombed out ones that have been left standing downtown. Now I know that there is a lot more to those buildings than just the look, and I respect that there are sentimental and symbolic reasons to leave them as they are, but as a new-comer to Belgrade, I was almost startled to see such destruction put on display for all to see (and you can't argue that they are not a display of some sort). And while they probably do serve as a good reminder of the atrocities committed against the Serbs, at a certain point they are going to have to come down and the city will have to move forward. I'm not sure if Serbia is quite ready for that emotionally, but as someone who considers herself forward-thinking, I believe the sooner the symbol of the past is taken down, the sooner the past actually becomes the past. So that's my vote for uglist building.

serbianmess said...

That's easy. BeograńĎanka is dirt ugly. Really, the remaining buildings around it might even look alright if there wasn't for that huge brown thing.

Also, St. Marko Church is rather ugly. Actually, it would look nice somewhere OUTSIDE the city, but it's just not "urban" enough to fit there. Same story with St. Sava Temple, though I might get used to it (at least until they paint it yellow).