Friday, June 30, 2006

... surrounding areas

I’ve added some links to Reluctant Dragon. A collection of different formats with very different content, but generally an overview of things I browse through whenever I get the chance. Some inform me, some entertain me, some have inspired me, and some I wish my blog to resemble when it grows up.
I’ve been reading Belgrade Blog for some time. Their offer to exchange links was the first and very welcome, so now they share the BLOGS category with some other lovely bloggers. I just hope I can be as observant and insightful as the Desperate Serbwife.
BUILD is about something I enjoy – architecture - in the broadest sense, manmade or natural, great or small, good or bad, real or virtual. From the extremely well written BLDG blog on “architectural conjecture, urban speculation and landscape futures” to the much more down-to-earth Beobuild, a guide to actual construction in Belgrade with all its many flaws (these people are real enthusiasts, although the childish comments, obsession with size and hight instead of quality of buildings, and the occasional nationalist remarks can be quite annoying).
ARTS AND CRAFTS is a clumsily named design section covering fashion, furniture and much more…
And finally HELP! The friendly people who helped me figure out how this works.
There’s so much more that I like, so more links are sure to come.


Bg anon said...

A little perspiration, a little inspiration....

Thanks for the compliment of the Belgrade Blog. As you probably noticed the English language Serbian blogging community has been a little lonely of late with some leaving the country and others deciding to quit blogging.

vidimo se u blogosferu.

Brooke said...

Wow Dragon, thanks for the compliment!! I am absolutely amazed at your English writing, are you sure you're not a native English speaker? Your vocab is bigger than most Americans I know! And your post about birds pooping on you is hilarious - I too have had way too much "luck" rain upon me in my life and would be happy to do without!!

Marko said...

Thanks Brooke, I'm glad you like it.
I love your blog, so this is really a compliment.
And no, I’m not a native speaker.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at your English too. Am not a native speaker myself but know how hard it is to learn to write so well in a foreign language. You seem to be quite a linguistic talent. Svaka cast!